I am not running against anyone, I am running for City Council

For our community

For the future

For St. Anthony Village

For change


Proactive policies instead of reactive politics

For many decades, our city has been a leader on many fronts, but over the last several years we have watched as our leaders have tried to grapple with the new realities of a 21st century world. While cities all around us, big and small, have proactively created policies and strategies, St Anthony has lagged. As your Council Member, I will work with leaders within our community and from cities far and wide to identify the best and most innovative and proven policies to move our community forward. We cannot wait for the next tragedy to strike before we act.

Community engagement versus the status quo

Our systems need changing, and that change must come from within. No longer can we create our policies using an outdated top down model, we must turn that system on its head and build a grass roots system driven by the people. The city must engage the community to drive the changes we need, to create an environment where change is accepted by the community, and to assure those changes are long lasting. Using my years of experience creating community engagement programs I will put the Villagers first to craft our city’s future.

Open dialogue in place of silence

The citizens of St Anthony deserve to hear from their leaders regularly, and even more important those leaders need to hear from the those they represent. True dialogue can only happen in an atmosphere of trust and honesty. That atmosphere can only exist if we listen to one another, if our leaders listen to those they represent and our leaders participate and engage regularly with the community.  I will not hide, I will never be silent, you will always know where I stand and you will see me at your door, you’ll see me when things are going well, and most importantly you’ll see me when things are bad.